Professional background

The founding owners of BASTION have been working in the field of defence services for 20 years. They have been commissioned for the most important areas of defence, such as industrial and commercial establishments, sporting events, the construction sector and public administration.

Among others, they have fulfilled orders for customers such as the Békásmegyer market and fair hall, the office building of COLAS Hungária Co. Ltd., the Aquincum Primary School, the Kerék Street Primary School and High School, construction sites in Budapest and in the countryside, events of the Hungarian Muaythai Sports Federation, events of the Atlantisz Traditional Prananadi Foundation, the Tribunal Courts of Budapest Environs, the Spar stores’ patrol service, the Kistarcsa Logistics Centre, BKK customer service offices, the Zrínyi Palace (former Duna Palace) events. Their core companies, Bastion Security Llc. and Bastion Guard Llc., specialise mainly in servicing traditional orders and specific existing needs. BASTION meets premium needs, so they focus on protecting successful, growing domestic businesses and international companies. For premium partners, the emphasis concerning peace of mind and security is on professional advice, development planning and complex implementation.

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