About us

In line with modern market expectations, BASTION combines traditional security services at the right level with new, innovative solutions that complement and often replace human work, thus significantly reducing or eliminating human error.

BASTION offers its customers a complex solution for security, protection and vigilant surveillance. BASTION goes beyond the traditional approach of selling products and services to partners. BASTION’s main message is that the customer only has to take care of his own business, while he can leave the security protection of the business to BASTION. This is based on a high level of experience gained over 20 years and 1,000+ assignments, which gives the partner a high level of advice.

years of experience
In addition to advice, an important role is played by “meaningful innovative” solutions, which not only have the power of novelty, but also a demonstrable impact on the level of protection in cooperation. Increasingly in demand internationally, robotics, drones and even e-log-based solutions make business protection transparent, easy to track and free from human error, contributing directly to long-term success. However, by adopting new solutions, BASTION is applying the “principle of moderation”, which allows it to focus on ensuring the right level of peace of mind, without tipping the balance towards either the use of human resources or their unnecessary and dangerous elimination.

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