Premium innovative safety advice

1. Market background

The era of protection

Major changes are happening all over the world right now! The fight against an invisible, insidious enemy will leave its mark on economic life for a long time to come. The period of crisis caused by the COVID-2019 virus introduces new elements into the lives of economic operators, which create new demands for services, new products or new expectations from existing ones. There are sectors that are more deeply affected by the transformation and others that are more superficially affected. A common feature of these transformations is a clear focus on “protection”, “prevention” and securing our lives and assets. This is not a completely new situation, since these areas of life have always received adequate attention for successful business people, but in the future, the changes in the new situation resulting from the current crisis will bring the demand and need for security and protection solutions into focus more intensively than ever before.

Original market conditions

The sector of security services has developed with great intensity in recent decades. The business, which decades ago was still traditionally focused on guarding and protection, has been expanded with new, innovative solutions. One of the directions of development is the area of data security, which is automatically emerging with the development of IT, and in which domestic companies are also at the forefront, and are among the best at international level. Having gone through the first awakening phase, everyone has now learned that cyber protection of personal and corporate data is as important as the protection of a specific object. This period of learning has also put the development of traditional areas of protection on the back burner for a while, even though the changes are just as great here as in the area of data protection. A significant challenge for traditional protection in the market is that in many cases, business owners, managers and decision-makers who need protection still have a strong preconception of the service. Cliché images familiar to all appear, of workers who are often not very highly qualified, who make the average person feel insecure even by their appearance, and who do their work with unpredictable quality. In the meantime, the market has completely changed, and although this traditional cliché is still present in the domestic offer, more and more companies have moved towards providing quality protection services. These companies build their teams through a well-developed selection process, keep their colleagues under constant scrutiny, and there is also a growing ‘specialised expertise’ among security managers, which is built up by a professional in this field, primarily through experience. In other words, there is now a security company available specialising in corporate security that has taken traditional property protection to a new level of quality. Their work is reliable, verifiable and creates real stability in the customer’s business.

2. Innovative defence and advisory services

In line with modern market expectations, BASTION combines traditional security services at the right level with new, innovative solutions that complement and often replace human work, thus significantly reducing or eliminating human error. BASTION offers its customers a complex solution for security, protection and vigilant surveillance. BASTION goes beyond the traditional approach of selling products and services to partners. BASTION’s main message is that the customer only has to take care of his own business, while he can leave the security protection of the business to BASTION. This is based on a high level of experience gained over 18 years and 1,000+ assignments, which gives the partner a high level of advice.

In addition to advice, an important role is played by “meaningful innovative” solutions, which not only have the power of novelty, but also a demonstrable impact on the level of protection in cooperation. Increasingly in demand internationally, robotics, drones and even e-log-based solutions make business protection transparent, easy to track and free from human error, contributing directly to long-term success. However, by adopting new solutions, BASTION is applying the “principle of moderation”, which allows it to focus on ensuring the right level of peace of mind, without tipping the balance towards either the use of human resources or their unnecessary and dangerous elimination.

The uniqueness of Bastion

  • Defence assessment, evaluation of the current situation
  • Definition of the strengths / weaknesses of the protection, categorisation of the level of threat
  • Preparation of a defence development plan proposal
  • Provision of a customised portfolio of services
  • Offer of high quality traditional protection services based on selection
  • Incorporation of innovative, modern solutions into protection services
  • Implementation based on a business mindset
  • Continuous, rigorous control
  • Continuous, transparent reports for the customer

Bastion professional background

The founding owners of BASTION have been working in the field of defence services for 18 years. They have been commissioned for the most important areas of defence, such as industrial and commercial establishments, sporting events, the construction sector and public administration. Among others, they have fulfilled orders for customers such as the Békásmegyer market and fair hall, the office building of COLAS Hungária Co. Ltd., the Aquincum Primary School, the Kerék Street Primary School and High School, construction sites in Budapest and in the countryside, events of the Hungarian Muaythai Sports Federation, events of the Atlantisz Traditional Prananadi Foundation, the Tribunal Courts of Budapest Environs, the Spar stores’ patrol service, the Kistarcsa Logistics Centre, BKK customer service offices, the Zrínyi Palace (former Duna Palace) events. Their core companies, Bastion Security Llc. and Bastion Guard Llc., specialise mainly in servicing traditional orders and specific existing needs. BASTION meets premium needs, so they focus on protecting successful, growing domestic businesses and international companies. For premium partners, the emphasis concerning peace of mind and security is on professional advice, development planning and complex implementation.

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